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Welcome to
the Provo-Orem Bus Rapid Transit Project

Outreach materials can be found below.

Project Overview

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA), the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the Utah Transit Authority (UTA), and the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) in conjunction with Mountainland Association of Governments (MAG), are designing a new bus rapid transit (BRT) system through the cities of Provo and Orem in Utah County.  The proposed project will include:

  • Providing BRT service between the Orem Intermodal Center, UVU, BYU and the Provo Intermodal Center.
  • Capacity improvements to intersections on University Parkway.
  • Approximately 51% of the BRT route will include exclusive bus only lanes.
  • 17 stations with upgraded features such as real-time next bus information, shelters with seating and the ability to pay for fairs at stations.
  • More reliable bus service with 5 minute frequency during peak hours.

UTA and UDOT are currently working together on the preliminary design of the project. This includes refinement of preferred EA alignment. Construction is dependent of funding.


The following materials are available for download.

December 2013

Stakeholder Working Group Informational Packet

January 2014

Provo City Council Meeting Materials:

BRT Info Sheet
Updated Corridor Map
Option 4
Option 6

Peak Hours BRT Frequency Video:

At this time we do not have any public events scheduled. Please check back for more information on events.

Stakeholder Working Group

To assist in the preliminary engineering process, the project team has formed three stakeholder working groups. The working groups are a cross-section of the larger community with many different interests being represented. Each member of the group was selected based on his or her role in the community. Group members assists the project team by listening to ideas and concepts and providing input. The project team uses the input to assist in the determination of project elements. The project team, however, is ultimately responsible for determining the elements that are included in the project.

Working Group 1




  Michael Stevens Oak Hills Neighborhood
  Melissa Kendall Wasatch Neighborhood
  Stephen Taylor Foothills Neighborhood
  Leo Lines Joaquin Neighborhood
  Paul Evans Pleasant View Neighborhood
  Dave Smith MTC Director
  Steve Sandberg BYU Student Life
  Grant Schultz BYU Transportation
  Tyler Briggs UTA Paratransit User
  Kyle Jensen Student/Resident
  Colleen Densley Wasatch Elementary School
  Aaron Skabelunb Provo Bicycle Representative

Working Group 2



  Jared Morgan;  Downtown Provo Inc.
  Michael Merz Franklin South
  Diona Hechtle East Bay
  Scott Hansen Provo Towne Centre Mall
  Andy Kirby  LDS Church/Temple
  Will Feller Goldsmith Jewelry
  Brad Sears REMS Inc
  Alan Blackham Central Bank
  Cameron Gunter PEG Development
  Sterling Orton Wells Fargo Bank
  Lo Nestman Zion's Bank
  Val Hale Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce
  John Garfield Marriott Provo Hotel
  Kathryn Allen Provo Town Square
  Robert Oldroyd Property Owner
  Joel Racker Utah Valley Visitor's Center

Working Group 3



  Dewon Holt Hillcrest Park Neighborhood Chair
  Jim Michaelis UVU
  Cleopatra Balfour UVU - Student
  Val Harrison Resident
  Jeanette Parker TAC 
  Stacey Tullos David's Bridal 
  Bryan Boyd University of Utah Healthcare 
  Doug Robins Provo Parks and Rec - Provo River Trail
  Miranda Price Pier One Imports 
  Rob Kallas University Mall 
  Liane Anae Michael's
  Leslie Nelson TAC Rep
  Harold Rogers Lakeridge Neighborhood
  Dale Smith Cherry Hill Neighborhood
  Jared Day Office Depot
  Bryant Stokes/Kadon Hatch Missionary Mall 
  Carlos Iglesia Ken Garff Auto
  Justin Stubbs Jdawgs 
  Anastasia  Fresh Saute Grill
  Doug Boyer Mimi's Café
  Ryan Codner/ Tracey Golden Corrall 
  Richard Nielson UT County Public Works - Provo River Trail


Have questions? Contact the project team at
801.415.5800 or